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Phase 1 - Assessment of Eligibility 

Apply Here!

Applicants are invited to fill out an "Intent to Apply" form via a University of Thessaly-based MS Forms link (click the link on the right).

The information the applicants will provide, in this secure form, will allow the academic office to offer personalized advice to the applicants:

1) on their eligibility to study for this MSc course,

2) on the necessary documentation they would need to submit for a full application according to the EU and Greek Law guiding Higher Education,

3) any other documentation required by the EU and Greek Law for educational visas, etc.

Eligibility criteria will be pre-assessed by the academic office* and an invitation letter will be sent to the applicant for submitting their full application. 

*Turnover time for initial eligibility screening is 15 working days.


Phase 2- Full Application  

Following a successful initial eligibility screening, applicants will receive their personalized invitation to submit their full application.

In their full application package, applicants will provide complementary information and copies of legal documents* as required by the University of Thessaly regulations. 

The application package will include:

  • A copy of passport ID

  • A complete CV using the specific template

  • Scanned copy-ies of academic qualifications (e.g BSc degree, MD, MSc, etc)

  • Proof of English language competency (if required) 

  •  Two (2)  recommendation letters

  • A signed Solemn Declaration form using the specific template

* You will be advised in advance for which type of documentation you will need to submit an Apostille copy.


The academic committee will examine all applications. Via the academic office, it will communicate to applicants their acceptance status. Applicants will have 15 days to respond to their offer.

Application Form & CV template

School Application

Solemn Declaration Form 

Phase 3- Registration

If you have firmly accepted a conditional or unconditional offer by us, the academic office will contact you accordingly.

Following acceptance of their offer, applicants will provide the first instalment of payment (half the tuition fees) and will then undergo registration.

Registration will provide to the applicants the MSc student status according to the EU and Greek Law.

Throwing Caps

Fees and Refunds

Your down payment (3000 euros) in most cases, is refundable. We won't refund your payment if you fail to enrol on your course without telling us, or if you are refused entry to the EU due to legal reasons that you failed to disclose. Later, payments are not refundable if you, having attended the course, fail in completing the course requirements.

If you are eligible for a refund, you need to request it by emailing the academic office as soon as possible.

If you defer your place for the next academic year, we will usually keep your payment until you join us the following year unless you request a refund (excluding bank transfer fees).

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