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Dr. Elena Gopchuk MD, PhD

Physician - Gynecologist-Endocrinologist, Sexologist, Practitioner of Lifestyle Medicine

Elena Gopchuk, MD, PhD is an gynecologist-endocrinologist, sexologist, practitioner of Lifestyle Medicine in Cyprus. She has an extensive practical and academic experience, authoring & co-authoring more than a 100 scientific and health-popularizing publications, medical patent applications and books.   She is the founder of Women's Healthcare Studio online (  where she is offering sexual health and female-endocrinology consultations and since 2020, as she graduated the ELMO Lifestyle Medicine Certificate, she is developing direction of The Lifestyle Medicine in Cyprus (@lifestyle.medcy).

   Speaker on international scientific conferences, healthy lifestyle public talks, as well as sexual health educator in her personal public projects online and offline for adults and adolescents, - Beauty of aging, Chemistry of love, Physiology of pleasure, Managing of the inner stress, Dialogue with hormones, Adolescents about the body – this is the short list of her public talks topics.

Elena is an educator of the Communicational psychology subject at the Academy of Elegance, Cyprus and scientific advisor in the Sensonica company, EU.

Guest-expert on Cyprus Radio and TV – health and lifestyle programs, organizer and participant of eco-projects and rehabilitation retreats.


Dr. Elena Gopchuk MD, PhD
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